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Bill Etscorn Sr. started in business with Marathon Oil in 1947. He and Joseph H. Ball opened a one bay station at 18th and Oak Street in Louisville, KY. Four years later in 1951, Bill Sr. bought out his partner to be on his own. In the 1950’s Bill Etscorn was the top tire, battery and accessory dealer for Marathon Oil Company.

In 1960, Bill Etscorn Sr. was asked by Phillips Petroleum Company to become a Phillips 66 dealer at Klondike and Hikes Lane. In 1961 Bill Sr. moved from 18th and Oak to Hikes Lane to become a Phillips 66 dealer.

In the early 1970’s Bill Jr. came to work with his dad after returning from the Vietnam War. After many successful years working hand in hand with his father, Bill Jr. bought the company from his dad in 1979.

Shortly after, the property at 3935 Bardstown Road was purchased to open an auto service center in 1979. In 2011 Etscorns joined Tire Pro franchise for marketing and buying power. This will allow Etscorns to compete in the auto service industry years to come!

Today, in its third generation of Etscorn’s, his three sons David, Bryan and Brent run the service department. They continue to maintain the high standard of excellence that their grandfather and father instilled.

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