What is an alignment?

What if you walked at a left angle all of the time? You would never get where you needed to be, that’s what. Also, people would probably stare. At Etscorns, we hold alignment in high regard. It is crucial to the life of your tires and gives you more control over your vehicle. In fact, we hold alignment in such high regard that it is free with any tire purchase!

During your vehicle’s life, potholes are hit, sharp turns are taken and brakes are slammed – all of which cause your components to wear down and your wheels to shift which can pull your car in one direction.  Do not worry, this is natural wear and tear – but it can accelerate tire damage.  When we align your tires, we are returning the angles of your vehicle’s wheels to the manufacturer’s specifications.

A proper wheel alignment does four very important things:

1. Reduces tire wear and provides maximum tire life.

2. Enhances fuel economy.

3. Improves handling

4. Increases overall driving safety